Repsonsive Website Development

Most industry professionals estimate that by the middle of 2015, local mobile searches will surpass local desktop searches. What this means is that your website design will need to be optimized to be viewed not only on a desktop but on all possible internet-enables devices users will be navigating to your website on.

Amriss is a specialist responsive website development company.

Responsive Website Development

The idea of a responsive website is simple. Only one version of your website is created and the websites’ design will “respond” to whatever internet-enabled device it is being viewed on. In most cases, large images that are not necessary on a small screen will compact or disappear, content, articles and other elements on the page will appear to neatly stack themselves on top of one another to accommodate the screen you are viewing it on. Responsive websites can be easily found on Google and the other search engines because additional ranking is given to websites that can be seen across all devices and which operate from a single website URL. Responsive website development offers a much more effective solution that the older idea of mobile website development.