Business Apps from Amriss

Business Application Development

Business Apps are becoming increasingly popular in terms of businesses’ marketing and customer engagement activities. Amriss has helped companies around the world with the right business App development solution for their business. Our experienced team of developers will discuss your business Apps needs, research the best options, build your required business App quickly and efficiently and finally deploy exactly to where you want.

Is Business App Development Right for your Business?

The number of people using smartphones and buying App capable devices is increasing year on year globally. Increasingly smartphone users, particularly business smartphone users, expect to interact with business Apps that are specifically designed and customised for those devices to improve their experience and ease of use.

Business Apps vs. Mobile-Enabled Website

A Mobile App is created for a specific operating system such as Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry. A mobile-enabled website has a wider reach on all devices. However, Apps developed for a certain system are available offline and have the advantage of also being able to utilise the device functionality and offer the user a far more comprehensive user experience.

In creating Apps for business usage, your company will increase customer satisfaction with a far superior user experience, offer improved design, functionality, navigation and communication.

Improve your Brand with Apps for Business

Successive studies have shown that Business Apps connected with online marketing campaigns generate more effective results and provide better brand visibility. Amriss focuses on Business App development that enables our clients to utilise an effective tool to better define their brand and help win new business.

Mobile devices have the ability to track where a user is at any time and this technology can be effectively harnessed for the benefit your business. Well-designed Business Apps take user experience to next level, creating an improved perception of your company and resulting in greater engagement with your customers and potential customers.